AI & BigData - Hitex Global


To be aware of the devlopement and the future of AI, Hitex Global is constantly trying to catch up with international technology trends. We are building research and development team with experienced engineers. We focus on some aspects of Computer Vision and Deep Learning. As young and energetic engineers, our team is always actively involved in talks, seminars and workshops on technology in general and AI in particular to learn and exchange experience with the technology community. AI is increasingly familiar in our life and Hitex Global is also trying to dedicate, contributing to the development of AI.

Hitex Global is focusing on AI and Big Data research including establishing a special R & D team for AI, Big Data establishing special environment, and working collaboration. In the field of image recognition, we have achieved results such as demonstrating high accuracy at the stage of PoC (proof of concept). Development record: face authentication door control system, automatic shift creation system, game automatic play, etc. Used technology: Tensorflow, Deeplearning, Apache mahout recommendation, etc.